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Francis V. Adams, M.D. is the author of The Asthma Sourcebook, The Breathing Disorders Sourcebook, Healing Through Empathy, Do You Know the Story of Superman?, Healing Through Empathy-An Expanded Edition,Officer Down: A Police Surgeon and the NYPD and Adams Way: The Rose of Sharon and Other Selected Tales  

The Asthma Sourcebook

The Asthma Sourcebook by Francis V. Adams, M.D. is a complete guide to making sure that asthmatics have the information that they need to breath easy and live active, normal lives. A third edition of The Asthma Sourcebook has just been published by McGraw-Hill Publishing and is available in softcover ($16.95). This new edition includes the most recent advances in medications and delivery systems with updating of nearly all chapters including breakthroughs in diagnosis (Niox diagnostic test), treatment (Xolair), alternative medicine, and expected future advances. A revised and expanded Appendix lists extensive Internet resources.

It may be purchased through most bookstores but may also be ordered directly from McGraw-Hill online or at 1-800-722-4729.

If you or someone you know has asthma, this book is a must!

Asthma is a common disease that affects nearly 15 percent of the population in the United States, as many as 21 million Americans, and more than three hundred million people worldwide. After a long period of steady increase, asthma rates declined from 1997 to 1999, but rates in 2000 and 2001 indicate a rising trend. Increased exposure to pollutants, both indoors and out, is one of the leading factors in this disturbing trend. The greatest increase in asthma between 1997 and 2001 has been in children five to seventeen years of age. In 2000, 4,487 people died of asthma. Tragically, these fatalities could be avoided with proper patient education. The Asthma Sourcebook is a complete guide to making sure that asthmatics have the information that they need to breath easy and live active, normal lives.

Starting with the normal functions of the lung, Dr. Francis Adams shows how, during an asthma attack, the lungs passages begin to narrow and limit the amount of oxygen that can be inhaled. These asthma attacks can be triggered by allergies, pollutants, exercise, and cold air. If someone suspects that asthma may be their problem, there is a list of symptoms to help determine if further testing is necessary.

Testing takes many forms including x-rays, sputum examination, pulmonary function testing, and allergy testing. The sooner a diagnosis can be made the sooner the asthma sufferer can take steps toward effective treatment. The most important step is how to determine when an attack is imminent, this can ensure that steps can be taken to prevent escalation. How to use a peak flow meter and other self diagnostics are explained so patients can effectively use their treatment. The Asthma Sourcebook makes sense out of the confusing array of pharmaceuticals and the means of delivering them. There is information on the newest short-acting Beta-agonist, Xopenex, the new corticosteroids sprays QVAR and Asmanex, and the newest addition to treatment, an IgE monoclonal antibody blocker, Xolair. Delivery systems are covered as well, including nebulizers, new propellants, dry powders, and other types of inhalers that may be used in the future.

Asthma can affect every aspect of a sufferers health. Dr. Adams explains the special considerations asthmatics need to make when considering their jobs, their exercise regimen, or their pregnancies. There is also extensive information on the future of asthma treatment, new theories, and possible treatment choices.

Fatal asthma attacks are 100% preventable; the asthmatic's knowledge and participation in the ongoing treatment and maintenance program can literally mean the difference between life and death. The Asthma Sourcebook is for every person who has asthma or knows someone who does. It helps to identify the common and unforeseen problems, explains the various treatments, and delivery systems, and shows people with asthma how to participate effectively in dealing with their condition. Discomfort is unavoidable but treatable; fatalities are completely avoidable. As long as asthma suffers take proper measures they can insure that the effects of their problem are minimal and enjoy an active worry free life.

The Breathing Disorders Sourcebook

Breathing is essential for life. Breathing disorders are responsible for one in seven deaths in the United States. Lung disease is the third leading cause of death in this country. While the death rate from the number one and two causes, heart disease and cancer has decreased, the death rate for lung disease has increased. Between 1979 and 1994 the death rate due to lung disease increased by nearly 19%.

The Breathing Disorders Sourcebook is a comprehensive guide to the major lung diseases that are increasing worldwide. Dr. Francis Adams begins with a description of how we breathe and what may go wrong. The most disturbing symptom of lung disease, shortness of breath or air hunger, is discussed in Chapter 2. In the same chapter, Dr. Adams describes how the patient with symptoms of lung disease should be evaluated.

Diseases of the air passages including rhinitis, sleep apnea, asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, and lung cancer are discussed in Chapter 3. For each disease, Dr. Adams describes the signs and symptoms, physical, x-ray, and laboratory findings and the latest treatments.

In Chapter 4, diseases that affect the air sacs of the lung are described. These include interstitial lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, and kyphoscoliosis. Disorders of the lung's blood vessels, such as pulmonary emboli and primary pulmonary hypertension, are also discussed.

The Breathing Disorders Sourcebook also focuses on how patients with lung disorders may help themselves. In a chapter entitled, "Pulmonary Rehabilitation", Dr. Adams provides vital information on the proper diet for patients with lung disorders as well as specific exercises that may be used to allay anxiety and shortness of breath. These important lifestyle changes may be used by anyone, not just individuals with lung disease. In an extensive Appendix, a comprehensive list of resources are given including helpful Internet sites that provide more information.

This book is the product of patient feedback that Dr. Adams received after the publication of The Asthma Sourcebook. It provides up-to-date information on lung disorders with the goal of improving patient education. Family members of individuals with lung disease may find this book especially helpful. Too often, we take our breathing for granted. Remember, breath is life.


Healing Through Empathy & Healing Through Empathy-An Expanded Edition

Physicians have been known as healers long before they could provide cures for common ailments, but the art of healing is rarely found in the current era of managed care and five-minute office visits. Patients cry out for a physician who “cares,” someone who will take the time to listen to their complaints. While the science of medicine continues to make breakthroughs, medicine appears to many to have lost its humanity.

Physicians have long been taught to “not get emotionally involved” with their patients. This has often produced detached physicians who appear cold and unfeeling to their patients. In Healing Through Empathy, Dr. Francis Adams illustrates the vital importance of the doctor patient relationship through seven of his patients’ histories. In these life stories Dr. Adams describes the role of empathy in this vital relationship and illustrates how a physician’s emotional response to his patient’s illness may educate him rather than blur his thinking. Empathy is more than sympathy for another’s pain and suffering. It is the ability to visualize mental images and to instantly recognize mood changes.

Dr. Adams offers suggestions for choosing a physician, and challenges physicians and managed care institutions to restore the balance between technology and the art of medicine. An Appendix provides resources for finding the best physician and learning more about medical topics touched on in this book.


Do You Know the Story of Superman?

Alone, middle-aged, and a widower, Francis (Frank) Adams had no thoughts of having or raising children. Enter the love of his life with two grown children and he is soon being quizzed on his diapering skills. Holding his first grandchild he experiences for the first time the need to love and to nurture a child. As the bond with his step grandchildren grows, Frank realizes how foolish he had been to believe that he could not love an adopted child as much as his own.

Do You Know the Story of Superman? recounts the author’s experiences as he enters the world of grand parenting. Relying on his wife for guidance he finds that it helps to be fleet of foot to catch a speedy toddler, to know where the batteries go, as well as what’s trending with three year olds. Frank finds that it is also a time of self-discovery as he fails at charades and calculates whether he will live to see these children married. Vivid memories from his own childhood are stimulated and relived. Just at the time of the death of a cherished pet news of another new life arrives. By celebrating life and parenting these memoirs advocate for adoption and hope to stimulate thoughts of family for all.


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