Since most patients only see or speak with staff infrequently, digital communications provides a very effective way to keep them informed.

Augmenting your health system-specific information with our automated content delivery system increases the utility of your communications and reinforces your status as a trusted advisor to your patient community.

Reaching a Large Patient Community

Reaching a large patient community, and achieving engagement, is not easy. You have events and programs that you want patients to participate in, and service lines for them to be aware of. With a strong digital channel to your patient community you can achieve these goals, and many more. But how? What makes a digital channel strong?

There are two central components to success: Personalization and Automation. Personalization is essential because patients pay attention to communication that is tailored specifically for them. Once you have their attention, then you will see clear results in engagement with events, programs, patient portals, and much more. Automation is essential because your time and internal resources are limited. If your system cannot make this easy for you, then it is not going to get done. It's as simple as that. With Update for Health, our platform delivers personalized information with our automated, easy-to-use platform.

81% of health executives agree organizations need to understand where people want to be, and shape the technology to act as their guide.

Digital Health Technology Vision, Accenture Consulting

More than half of patient engagement initiatives are having a major (14%) to moderate (34%) impact on quality outcomes

Patient Engagement: Driving Behavior Change for Better Health, New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst

The financial benefits are the easiest to identify [with HealthBanks] because if we mailed 15,000 newsletters/month we would spend $7200 (annualized $86,000/year) which does not include the paper, printing and the time to prepare these mailings. This is a much more cost effective way to share information and more people take the time to review.

Urology Associates of Central PA
Urology Associates of Central PA